Image Bounds In QuarkXPress 5

I am totally new to Applescript and I am trying to fix an old script that was created for Quark 3.31
I can’t seem to access the image bounds in a picture box in any kind of units. The “get image bounds” will only give me pixels.

Can anyone help me here?


AS I recall, the image bounds is based off of the preview that is saved in the Quark doc, which is 72 dpi. There was an extension back in the 3.32 days from ALAP that allowed you to set this preview higher (up to 300 dpi I think), and a script would reflect this higher resolution, But it didnt make it into the newer versions of their Xtensions. As far as I know, the only value that you can get through Quark for the image is this preview value.

Well, I guess the best I can do is to use a conversion from the pixel value I can get off the image to the pica measure I am looking for. I don’t know if this is a great way to do it but it seems to be working for me for now.