Image Capture plugin downloads pictures twice

Hi there,
I tried awhile to make my Image Capture plugin work without problems. Image puts my photos in path to pictures folder even when my attached *.workflow file commands to move files to another path…
( in Automator my script runs flawlessly )

The problem is following :

  1. If I connect my Canon Eos the Image pops up and waits on my import items command in the same app.

  2. Doing so I trigger Image and the same app runs my workflow after. Of course I get my photos downloaded 2 times …but it’s also a bad behavior of Images to ignore my workflow file which should overwrite defaults paths, because I give new directions :rolleyes:

If somebody wonders, no I can’t start a workflow when I connect a camera but have to pass it to Image which invokes my workflow. Adding my workflow as app when I connect my camera seems not to work…