"Image Events" does NOTHING with very big images

set theImage to choose file
tell application “Image Events”
set theImageReference to open theImage
tell theImageReference
scale to size 20000
end tell
end tell

I am using OS X 10.4 and tried the script above to scale a big image both in GIF and PSD format
the file size = 14.784 width and 21.120 height
I want to resize the picture proportionally with a height of 20000 pixels

when I run this script I do get NO error messages, but als … also nothing happens

what did I do wrong?

will be grateful for help/suggestions

Hi Tjebbe

Heres a link to some scripts from Apple that might help.



Please read the dictionary…

save‚v : Save an image to a file in one of various formats
save specifier : the object for the command
[as BMP/JPEG/JPEG2/PICT/PNG/PSD/QuickTime Image/TIFF] : file type in which to save the image ( default is to make no change )
[icon boolean] : Shall an icon be added? ( default is false )
[in disk item] : file path in which to save the image, in HFS or POSIX form
[PackBits boolean] : Are the bytes to be compressed with PackBits? ( default is false, applies only to TIFF )
[with compression level high/low/medium] : specifies the compression level of the resultant file ( applies only to JPEG )
→ alias

save as something in something

My thanks to StefanK…