Image Events in 10.3

I realize Panther has only been out a few days, but has anyone played with the new Image Events in Applescript? Its a set of basic imaging functions available to Applescript. Apples website ( mentions

What is “tagging”? I hope that means adding/editing metadata (IPTC) to images.
I’m interested in any insight on this.

I’m interested, too. Very. If it can read AND write EXIF/IPTC data, I’ll just drool all over myself…

I am using Folder Actions to accomplish what has been ugly in Unix. javascript:emoticon(‘8)’)

I want images dropped onto a folder to be scaled down and watermarked. That used to involve an ugly cron file / script or perl ‘daemon’ calling the Gimp sort of mess. Now, I scale, and tag the images with metadata just fine, but Image Events is falling short on the watermarking.

Is it easy to call something from the terminal with Applescript? javascript:emoticon(‘:?:’)

Yep, its called

do shell

but you have to have paths slash-delimited instead of colon delimited.
You use POSIX path to do that