Image Events - set color space error

I’m trying to convert CMYK files to RGB. Here’s my code:

set thePath to “Cumulus:Merion Image Archive:_thumbnails:HX110104_IL_ProSuccess.jpg”

tell application “Image Events”
set theImage to open alias thePath
set color space of theImage to “RGB”
close thePath
end tell

I keep getting NSInternalScriptError error messages. Any help would be appreciated.

I am having the same problem. (Except I am converting to CMYK.) I have tried it with and without the quotes around CMYK. Is “Image Events” not able to change (set) the color space of an image? I am simply adding a line to the Folder Action script “Image - Duplicate as TIFF” which works just fine.

I’ve looked everywhere and found nothing. Am I to assume that the “color space” is not something you can change?