Image Events updater?

Hi All,

I have a script that works using Image Events (version 1.1.1) to save pdfs as jpgs, and it works great!!!..

until i copy the script onto another mac which uses a lower version of Image Events (version 1.0)

just wanted to know if i could get an updater from somewhere? Looked on the apple website and no luck, I’ve updated the OSX system to 10.4.7 but it doesn’t update the Image Events.

Any Info would be much help



It’s in /System/Library/CoreServices/. Maybe you could just copy the new version to the other machine (I haven’t tried that), but the safest method is to download the (huge) Combo Updater from Apple, and run that.

Thanks, i copied it over and it still didn’t work until i changed some lines of the script???

it seems to work fine now…

i did download the combo updater before but it didn’t update it…