Image from Network Volume

This script used to work… but doesn’t now. The actual “art department-1” is now “art department 2” and is on a different server than what it used to be.

tell application "QuarkXPress"
		-- This line will check to make sure a document is open, before proceeding
		if (exists document 1) is false then error "No document is open."
		tell document 1
			-- This line will display an error if the current page is a master page
			if masterdoc is true then error "This script doesn't work on master pages."
			--the various crop mark parameters. To adjust the look of the crop marks simply change these values.
			tell page 1
				--delete every picture box
				make picture box at beginning with properties {bounds:{"0", "0", "17.5", "12"}, color:"none", selected:"true"}
				tell picture box 1
					set image 1 to alias "/Volumes/ART DEPARTMENT-1/12x17.eps"
				end tell
			end tell
		end tell
	end try
end tell

sooooo I tried using

set image 1 to alias "/Volumes/ART DEPARTMENT 2/12x17.eps"

but it gives me an error saying the file can’t be found.

if I use

mount volume "cifs://NTSYS2040/ART DEPARTMENT 2" as user name "David" with password "99voy"

that mounts the volume correctly. Once I have that volume loaded, if I double click on it, the file is there at the top level, so, to my simple mind, this should be fixable. But I can’t solve the problem. What might have changed that makes this not work now? What other information can I provide to be clear about this?


Hi David,

an alias works only with an HFS path string (colon separated)

set image 1 to alias "ART DEPARTMENT 2:12x17.eps"