Image in NSImageView disappears on switching tabs


I have an image application.
You load a set of images, these images are merged and displayed in an NSImageView. I started my application with three tabs below the imageview. Now I added a fourth tab (with new options).
When switching tabs the image remains displayed, when switching to the new fourth tab the image disappears. I only added the tab and didn’t write any code when changing tabs.

What am I overlooking?


On the first tab I use three drop-downs (popup items). They were initialized by an “on awake from nib theObject” section in my main Applescript. This “awake on nib” section contains a couple of image variables and so on that get initialized (startup image, some arrays for the image data and so on).
My new fourth tab also contains 4 dropdowns (popup items). I initialized them in the same “awake on nib” (keep all initialization stuff in one place), which meant that the image variables got reinitialized, thereby “cleaning” the variables already containing my image data.

The popup items on my fourth tab are now initialized in another script. It works now.