image view or image well? and how?

I’m sorta new at this but I’m picking it up quickly. My issue is that I want to run a process (shell scripts) and during each shell script I want the picture to change. I’ve been able to pull this off with putting all the pictures on the window and hiding them and just setting them to hide/unhide. But there’s gotta be a better way at doing this. And I would like to use either the ImageWell or ImageView the same way I use the textField/view. Am i aiming to high? Any help would be good help. Thanks!

Model: MacBook Pro
Browser: Safari 533.17.8
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Assuming your pics are in the bundle, you can make NSImages from them using NSImage’s imageNamed_(“Picname”). Then you place the result in an NSImageView using setImage_(theImage).

A while ago I did this now but in my app I have

set myImage to NSImage's alloc()'s initWithContentsOfFile_(myPosixPath)

followed by

myImageView's setImage_(myImage)