ImageReady can't close window.

Have created a simple Applescript to activate Adobe ImageReady - open an image file - run an ImageReady Script and close the image file window. Problem is Imageready does not understand the close window command… Arrgh! All else works - just can’t get ImageReady to close the window without saving.

Have tried to use the :type text" command (mentioned elsewhere in this forum), but Imageready doesn’t like it.

Here is the Applescript code…

tell application "Adobe ImageReady™ 3.0"
	open file "G4-1:desktop folder:photo_drop_box:test.jpg"
	do script "resize_280"
	close window
end tell

AN alternative would be to QUIT ImageReady - but -am prompted to save the doc - which will not work since this needs to function on a web server in an unattended mode.

Any insight appreciated.

Instead of “close window” try “close document 1 saving yes”.


Thanks for the reply, Jon. Unfortunately ImageReady does not seem to like that either - it complains that …

“document 1 doesn’t understand the close message”

Hmm, looking at the ImageReady AS dictionary, it doesn’t support anything besides “open” and “do script”, even on my version which is 7.0.1 (I should have looked before posting before). You have a few options: You could install a scripting addition that allows you to type text and activate ImageReady and type “Command-S” and “Command-W”, you could try to add a save and close command to the Action itself, or you could spend some money and try a different app (I love GraphicConverter and it’s a steal at $30).


Can you issue a ‘do script’ that closes a window/document?

– Rob

I believe the “do script” just causes a predefined Action to run, it isn’t to run a script like JavaScript. That’s why I mentioned trying to add the save and close to the original Action.


The “do script” command is used to run an internal ImageReady ‘action’. Unfortunately there is no functionality to close a window from ImageReady actions.