Images and user interaction

I am relatively new to coding and am starting to doubt from searching this forum a little if I can accomplish my project with AppleScript, but figured I should ask.

I am hoping to design a game for use in a cognitive development laboratory. The game is quite simple:

-Children will be presenting with a banana tree with five branches (5 on the first, 4 on the second…1 on the last).
-The tree with disappear and then the children will be presented with 1 to 5 monkeys (randomly generated or a predetermined order).
-The children will then see the tree again and click on the branch that will “feed” the presented monkeys.
-If correct:
then: move on
else: present chosen branch and monkeys on same page
represent branch
repeat until correct

Could this be supported on AppleScript? So far, I can’t even get my code to recognize an image file.

I’m also trying to record their performance in real-time. Would that be possible? I’ve figured out how to put some of the information (such as their name, etc) in a text file, but would prefer this to be put into Excel (I’ve figured out how to make a new sheet). I suppose I could have the data saved in a text file and imported into Excel. That might be easier.


Well cdlcoding, it sounds like you want to make an app that has a custom user interface, unfortunatley pure
vanilla Applescript does not have the facility to create complex user interfaces, it only offers standard
dialog boxes such as File Open, or Save, or Choose Folder ect.

Vanilla Applescript can be used for data manipoulation, and creating files or Excel spead sheets, but you would
have to use a different language for the user interface.
You should have a look at ApplescriptObjC in Xcode, where you can use the Interface Builder for designing your
UI, but be warned, if you dont know Applescript very well you will have a steap learning curve, but if you are
competent at vanilla Applescript, then you could learn ApplescriptObjC much easier, but there is still a lot to

Not much help i’m afraid.

But maybe something to look into.

Regards Mark