iMagine Photo Intel beta

Hi all,

I have a beta for iMagine Photo to run under Intel. This is an Intel only version not ppc. I need people to test it, and that means the first people who have order themselves one of the new iMacs.

You can download iMagine Photo from here:

You can refer to the main website for documentation, and you can get example scripts from the usual download of iMagine Photo.

The archive includes 7 automator actions within the application which would be good to have tested. I have not had as much access to an developer intel machine as I would like so it is not extensively tested in its current form.

I will be away on holidays until 22 Of Jan so I wont be able to respond to queries until then.


I have got a second beta done, I believe this one is very close to the final release. This is an intel only version as before. The link is:

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.
This version also includes some updated Automator actions.