Imbedded Scripting Addition

Quick question. Can I imbed a scripting addition into my application so that I don’t have to install that addition on every computer I run it on? i.e. XML Tools.


I’ve heard that applications might be embedded with OSAX, if you place them in a folder called ‘ScriptingAddition’ in thr folder ‘Ressource’ of the application. There must have a Tech Note from Apple about this, you should look for this TN on the website of Apple for more detail. I’ve not yet made the nig jum to Panther, so this is the only thing I know.

More exactly: “Contents/Resources/Scripting Additions/yourOsax.osax”.

Look for “3314117” at

Aren’t there some ethical if not legal issues involved with imbedding OSAX? Something in my memory tells me that an Applescript saved into FileMaker imbeds the OSAX.

I think that, as any other software you use in your projects, you should respect their licenses: if bundling licenses (as 24u Appearance), pay. If free for free projects, no problem, if the author wishes a little note in your documentation, just do it…