Import .ics file to iCAl

Sorry. So many questions on this but I am stuck.

Is there any way you open a .ics file and import it into the calendar of your choice through applescript?

you can of course do

Tell app “ical”

open theICSfile

end tell

but this opens up a dialog box in iCal asking you which calendar you wish to import into. Annoying!

I can create an event from info gleaned from the ics file BUT the iCal creates a new UID for the event. When imported directly the UID from the ics file is used for the iCal event. I need this original UID for other purposes.

There is file translator under the hood for ics, vcal and entourage imports in iCal. Can this be tapped into?

Can I get something like

Tell app “ical”

open theICSfile using iCalendarImport in calendar “MyWork”

end tell


try this:

(I found this a few days ago for I do a lot of iCal-related queries…)