Importing vcards into address book with applescript

I am trying to import a set of vcards in a folder, then have the vcards moved into a new group based on the name of the folder.
I am building the script on another computer and don’t have the code but scripting the import and creating the group work fine. But I can’t seem to move the names from the last import group into the new group. Can you access the last import group with applescript.

This is a simple version of the script I am trying to use.
Any ideas on how to do this.

set vcardsimport to (path to desktop folder) & “vcards” as string
set vcards_alias to vcardsimport as alias
tell application “Address Book”

make new group with properties {name:"vcards"}
open vcards_alias
save addressbook
add (every person whose group is "Last import") to group "ap"

save addressbook

end tell
The “add (ev…” line gives the error.
How can you import a folder full of vcards then add them to a group.