Inactivity trivia ...


«Computer inactivity» seems to be relating only to mouse and keyboard action. Is there another concept of activity that also includes some computer activity like if an application (lets say a backup) is running ?

Is it possible to check if an application is running but not only open ?? That way I could choose to execute certain script only if certain apps are not «running» even if they are open.




you can check the respective process with System Events or /bin/ps

in Leopard you can use just

tell application "System Events" to set iTunesRuns to application "iTunes" is running

It doesn’t launch iTunes

The computer itself is always active. You could use the ‘top’ command in the Terminal to look for specific processes and activity levels. In a Terminal window, type:
man top

Thanks for the replies … It took a while before I got them. Probably missed one of MacScripter’email !

I want to make these checks by script in order to take the appropritate actions when needed. It seems that I will have to upgrade sooner than I thought to Leopard to script that.