InDesign 6 - How to identify unrepresented unicode character?

Hi. I have files that contain a lot of text which uses at least one unicode character which the specified font that must be used does not have, so it displays as a box with x through it. Very bad!

Is there any way to check text for undisplayed characters such as this? I looked at its properties and nothing seems to indicate that this font is missing this representation for the character. Any help/insight is appreciated!

Hi Kerflooey,

Is there anything under the ‘TEXT’ Preflight option that can be used to capture this?
Have a look under the Preflight Profiles.

Not an applescript, but a solution. Create a character style with a typeface that has the correct character, and then either use find/replace, or GREP in your paragraph stylesheet to assign the character style.


Mingione: It could be any unicode unusual character; I have no way of knowing what the text contains. Thanks.

Thanks, TecNik. I guess that may be the only possible way, given the absense of any other suggestions! Appreciated!

Hi Kerflooey,

I’m not sure, if you got a solution for your problem, but here is what you’re looking for.

Hey, thanks a lot masoodahmad!