Indesign – run multiple applescript


I’m looking to run multiple applescripts from one single script.

I want to reference ‘Script A’, ‘Script B’ & ‘Script C’ sitting in my indesign scripts folder on my mac and run all via one script.

Any help very welcome!



Hi. What you’re asking about is the store/load/run script object functionality, which is actually part of the scripting commands suite of Standard Additions and has no association with InDesign.

There are more in-depth examples in the forum, but I have a script on my desktop whose sole statement is “beep”, and it can be called like this:

run script (load script (alias "Macintosh HD:Users:administrator:Desktop:beep.scpt"))

Indesign also has a do script command. You can get a list of scripts installed from the app script preferences. Your called scripts can be AppleScript or Adobe’s JavaScript