Indesign: can't assign xslt to transform xml during import

this simple script set’s the properties of “XML import preferences” to an open document and then returns the properties. I can change any parameter and it seems to stick except for "transform filename: xxxx ". No matter what I specify for the filename, it returns - “transform filename:stylesheet in XML”.

I’ve tried it many different ways…using a variable in the “set properties”, as well as hard coding the path. Any suggestions?
thanks! z

script below requires you to have a document open in inDesign…

[code]set PathToDesktop to path to the desktop as text
tell application “Adobe InDesign CS3”

tell document 1
	set targetXSL to (PathToDesktop & "test_xsl.xsl")
	set properties of XML import preferences to {import style:merge import, repeat text elements:true, allow transform:true, create link to XML:true, import CALS tables:true, transform parameters:{}, import to selected:false, ignore whitespace:true, ignore unmatched incoming:false, remove unmatched existing:false, transform filename:targetXSL, import text into tables:true}
	delay 1
	get properties of XML import preferences
end tell

end tell[/code]

incidentally, this functionality also does not work using javascript to set the properties.

Just for reference, in case anyone comes across this thread with the same question…Adobe has confirmed that the functionality does not work on a mac and they’re working on a fix.

In the meantime, xslt tools from latenight software is a great workaround. It’s an applescript scripting addition that allow you to transform an xml with an xslt document via applescript and then I’m able to import the desired output into Indesign.

so hopefully they’ll come up with a fix soon…incidentally, specifying an xslt from within the xml only works if it starts from “/users/xxxxx”
Can’t specify a path from a different server!