InDesign - Copy selection to new text frame and retain hyperlinks

I wrote this script to move selected text into a new anchored text frame, however, if there are any hyperlinks in the selected text, the hyperlink formatting is stripped out upon moving the text to a new frame. Is there a way to copy the text and retain the links? Thanks.

---- HANDLERS OMITTED ------- (from Shirley Hopkins’ book)

– (C) 2014 Chuck Humbertson

set theStyle to “Body-Box” – paragraph style for text in new anchored frame
set theMethodStyle to “Body-FL” – set the paragraph style of the paragraph of new anchored text frame so the margin is flush left.
set libName to “epubLibrary.indl” – library holds pre-formatted frames

set libRef to getLibrary(libName)
set textRef to textOrInsertSelected()
on error errStr
display alert errStr
end try

set docRef to getDocRef() --call to handler to get reference to document
set storyRef to getStoryOfSelection() --get parent story of selection
set insertRef to getInsertionPoint(docRef)

tell application “Adobe InDesign CS6”
set startSelect to (index of selection) + (length of selection) + 10 – get a reference to the paragraph that will hold the new anchored text frame
set methodPara to object reference of text from character startSelect to character (startSelect + 10) of storyRef – a snippet part of the directions paragraph for future reference.
end tell
tell application “Adobe InDesign CS6”
set myClip to the clipboard
set theStringRef to object reference of selection – the ingredients list
set theString to selection as string
set paras to count of lines of selection
if paras > 9 then
set paras to paras as string
set paras to “0” & paras as string
end if
end tell
tell storyRef
set ipIndex to (index of insertion point -1 of theStringRef) + 2 – skip over the last return character of selection to get spot in text flow where to place new anchored frame
end tell
set tryName to “ing” & paras & “line” as string
set assetName to checkAssetName(libRef, tryName) – see if there’s an ING box in the library with matching number of lines.
tell application “Adobe InDesign CS6”
set applied paragraph style of methodPara to theMethodStyle – change the paragraph snippet so its margin sits flush left.
set parentFrame to item 1 of text containers of storyRef
set frameName to "ingFrame " & (random number from 1000 to 10000)
– make the new rectangle
set assetRef to my placeAssetToText(textRef, libRef, assetName, frameName)
set selection to text of (item 1 of assetRef)
cut – remove the dummy text from the new frame
set contents of insertion point 1 of (item 1 of assetRef) to theString – HERE! HOW TO PLACE TEXT AND RETAIN HYPERLINKS???
tell application “System Events” to keystroke (ASCII character 8) – press delete key to remove hash character in box
set the clipboard to myClip
end tell

P.S.: Screen shot to show what I’m doing.