InDesign crop marks applescript editing

I’d like to edit this applescript so the crop marks created have a white keyline. Some of the artworks created here have a large bleed area and those with dark background cause the crop marks to vanish.

Can anyone help? I tried looking at the script but I am clueless!

Where is the script?

Your proposed solution is something of a no-no; marks should be registration colored. Use the offset property to extend the marks beyond the bleed.


If your talking about the script that is here

Macintosh HD:Applications:Adobe InDesign CS4:Scripts:Scripts Panel:Samples:AppleScript:CropMarks.applescript

then change this line

set myRegColor to swatch “Registration” of myDocument

to this

set myRegColor to swatch “Paper” of myDocument

or as Marc has pointed out, just change the offset value

Thanks for the replies. I think changing the offset is the best way forward with this, I thought it was a strange request. But I try to humour the studio boss sometimes.