[InDesign CS-CS2, AS] Individual update of asset in a text frame

Hi !

The app I created currently sends applescripts to ID CS2 which use the place command to import tagged text in a text frame. This tagged text is composed of multiple assets which I would like to be targetable individually in the text frame.

I know that each text has a “parent story” which I can label with the name of an asset… But I can’t “place” a tagged text file directly in a story. It seems the “place” method only works for text frames.

For example, I “place” a tagged text file in a text frame called “textframe1”. The file contains tagged text for 3 assets, say “title”, “description” and “price”. I want to able to update only the value of the price, while leaving the rest of the text frame content untouched, not only the text but also any paragraph style, or character style, or other modifications which were done to those assets inside “textframe1”. If I could somehow “place” in specific stories, I could set their label at the initial “place” and target them at a later time, changing only their “text 1”, but currently it doesn’t seem you can do that.

Any ideas ? If that is not fully clear, please say so and I will try to explain it better…