INDESIGN CS - fit all images on pages

Hello all :slight_smile:
Somehow this script does not work properly in OSX , does anyone know about a script that will put images from source folder and put them on indesign pages?



set myReverseOrder to true
–Set page height, page width
set myPageWidth to 115
set myPageHeight to 180

–Display a “Choose Folder” dialog box.
set myFolder to choose folder with prompt “Select the folder containing the files you want to place.”

tell application “Finder”
set myFiles to (every file of folder myFolder whose file type is “IDd3”) as alias list
set myNumberOfPages to (count myFiles)
–The sort method is not yet available for the OSX Finder.
– Make sure that the files in the folder
–are sorted in the order in which you want them to appear.
–Uncomment this line if you’re using OS 9.
–set myFiles to sort files of myFolder by name
end tell

tell application “InDesign CS”
set myDocument to active document

if myReverseOrder is true then
	set myPageNumber to myNumberOfPages
	set myPageIncrement to -1
	set myPageNumber to 1
	set myPageIncrement to 1
end if

-- make a layer whose name is Image layer 
tell myDocument
		set ImageLayer to layer "Image layer" of myDocument
	on error
		set ImageLayer to make layer with properties {visible:true, locked:false, name:"Image layer"}
	end try
end tell

repeat with myCounter from 1 to myNumberOfPages
	set myFileName to item myCounter of myFiles as string
	set myPage to page myPageNumber of myDocument
	tell myPage
		-- place the image on the "Image layer" 
		set myRectangle to make rectangle with properties {geometric bounds:{0, 0, myPageHeight, myPageWidth}, item layer:layer "Image layer"}
		tell myRectangle
			place myFileName
		end tell
		fit myRectangle given content to frame
		fit myRectangle given proportionally
	end tell
	set myPageNumber to myPageNumber + myPageIncrement
end repeat

end tell