Are we able to write script that would check all images for % ? I am working on it but no luck…
Script will check for all images and if an image is bigger then 150% or smaller then 25% it will write list of images on pop up window or something like that…

If someone knows please let me know. Thanks

just use an if command. i.e.

if width less then 20
display dialog “blah blah”
diplsya dialog “blah blah”

correct me if i’m wrong but something like that should do the trick. (maybe take out the then. can’t test it now cause i’m posting from a school windows. ew)

Or you could use Scale Alert plugin


I know about that plug in, but it is just demo version (with more then 5 images it does not work) So I am trying to figure out code, it should not be anythig hard, at least thats what I think, maybe it will be