InDesign CS2 convert clipping paths to varnish plate

this will convert clipping paths around an image to a varnish plate without disturbing the original image or clipping path. the only problem i’ve had is that i can’t find a way to limit the path to only the part of the image that’s visible; if the initial image is clipped in a frame, it still converts the whole image so that you have to go in and edit the path later. anyone have any insight on how to make it clip to the frame?


-- ID CS2 Clipping Path to Varnish Plate
-- 2007 Ray Massie & Chad Augur
-- with much help from and forums

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
   set myDoc to active document
   tell myDoc
           make layer with properties {name:"Varnish"}
       end try
       set theLinks to every link
       repeat with i from 1 to count of theLinks
           set parentID to id of parent of item i of theLinks
           set oldPath to clipping path of image id parentID
           if the clipping type of oldPath is photoshop path then
               set oldGraphic to parent of item i of theLinks
               set newGraphic to duplicate oldGraphic
               set properties of newGraphic to {item layer:"Varnish"}
               set newpath to clipping path of graphic 1 of newGraphic
               tell newpath
                   set convertPath to convert to frame
               end tell
               set properties of convertPath to {fill color:"Magenta"}
               delete graphic 1 of convertPath
           end if
       end repeat
   end tell
end tell

I’m away from work and home so I can’ t look into this right now, but I think that you can do pathfinder functions through scripts in ID. If so then you can create the path for the varnish plate, then create a duplicate of the picture box, then do an intersection function on the two shapes which should give you the desired result.

ah… good idea… i’ll try to work on that…