InDesign CS2 - Place asset bug when script is run two times in a row ?


I’m using a script that uses the place asset command to place a library asset , select it and then move it. When I execute the script two times in a row, instead of selecting the second assets, it selects the assets placed with the first execution. I use “set placedItems to place asset vAsset” to get the placed assets in a variable and then use “select placedItems” to select them in InDesign. On the second execution it will not select the last placedItems but the ones that were inserted in the first execution.

The problem is that after placing the assets I need to move them, but currently only the first assets are being moved, and I’m baffled as to finding another sure fire way to get the items that were placed with the “place asset” command.

Here’s most of my script:

on run {assetID, prefixToUse}
	--set assetID to 44
	--set prefixToUse to "box"
	set assetID to assetID as integer
	tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
		tell library 1
			set vAsset to first asset whose id is assetID
		end tell
		set placedItems to place asset vAsset on document 1
		tell document 1
			select nothing
			select placedItems
			set vSelection to selection
			tell selection
				set minX to 9999
				set minY to 9999
				repeat with vIndex from 1 to count of items of it
					tell item vIndex
						tell visible bounds
							if item 1 < minY then
								set minY to item 1
							end if
							if item 2 < minX then
								set minX to item 2
							end if
						end tell
					end tell
				end repeat
			end tell
			move selection by {0 - minX, 0 - minY}
		end tell
		select vSelection
	end tell
end run

Thanks in advance for any help