InDesign CS2 Preferences

I am new to AppleScript and scripting in general.

I am looking for a script that will set the global preferences or default preferences in Adobe InDesign CS2.
We are in an environment where we would like all designers use the same set of preferences.

Some of the preferences include setting the reference point to the upper left, paragraph style options, default type options, skip by leading for text wrap, measurement preferences, color of guides, display performance and default overprint on paragraph styles.

Any help, guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Model: MacBook Pro 17" ¢ 2 GB RAM
Browser: Safari 522.12
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

As this is an old post, I’m hoping that this isn’t too late to help you out. I had issues with documents that, when opened, would have guides turned off, page magnification at an absurd close view, frames turned off, etc. I came up with this solution, and placed it within the script pallet for easy access. This may not address exactly your requirements, but using the app dictionary, you can find what properties you need to modify. I also found that making a script to “tell view preferences (or text preferences, guide preferences, etc.)” to “get properties” of a document helped me to figure out how to affect certain things. Hope this is helpful.

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
	tell active document
		--either way below sets zero point
		--set zero point to {0, 0}
		set properties to {zero point:{0.0, 0.0}}
		set properties of guide preferences to {guides shown:true}
		set properties of text preferences to {show invisibles:true}
		set properties of view preferences to {ruler origin:page origin, horizontal measurement units:picas, show frame edges:true, show rulers:true, vertical measurement units:picas}
		tell layout window 1
			zoom given fit page
			set properties to {view display setting:typical, transform reference point:top left anchor}
		end tell
	end tell
end tell