InDesign CS2 QC Check

Hi All

I am very new for this forum, and also for Applescript. I need a script for QC check, I have a lot of InDesign File in which I am checking below things manually.

  1. Every swatches should be of CMYK.
  2. No spot color reqiuired, except some jackets.
  3. greentxt is a color name should not exist in the swatches list.
  4. All image crops shoud be proportional

Thanks in advance…

Hi Buddy:(

Theere are no one who can help me out.

I am trying it by myself but when I will face some problem then please help me out.


I’m sure there are a number of people who will help you out along the way. Post what you have, what isn’t working and how you want it to work and you will probably get some feedback or help from any number of people who have experience scripting InDesign and regularly post solutioins and questions to these baords. If you would prefer to have it written for you then there is always the developers sectioin where you can post the project to higher a developer to do the job.

Hi Jerome,

Thanks a lot.