InDesign CS3 clearing character styles

In InDesign CS3:

Is there a way to script “clear character styles” when you apply a paragraph style to text?

You can access the “clear character styles” option in InDesign by holding the control key and selecting the paragraph style sheet. This option is available sometimes when I am applying paragraph styles to text imported from Word. I haven’t seen this topic in the dictionary, unless it is called something else.

Any help would be appreciated.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing this step manually.

After I import my story text I have been manually “Control” + clicking the “Clear Character Styles” option from InDesign’s paragraph style sheet window. I’ve found that this needs to be done before I run my scripts that edit and format the story’s paragraph and character styles.

Again, any help on how to make this a one-click process will be appreciated.


this is straight from the cs4 ID Applescript Guide, hope this helps

Deleting a style
When you delete a style using the user interface, you can choose the way you want to format any text
tagged with that style. InDesign scripting works the same way, as shown in the following script fragment
(from the RemoveStyle tutorial script):

CHAPTER 5: Text and Type Finding and changing text 94
–Given a document “myDocment” with paragraph styles named–“myParagraphStyleA” and
“myParagraphStyleB”, remove the
–paragraph style “myParagraphStyleA” and replace with
tell myDocument
delete paragraph style “myParagraphStyleA” replacing with paragraph style
"myParagraphStyleB"end tell