Indesign CS3: Frame fitting options failing

I have a need to put a signature tif file into a predetermined frame on a letter. Because a person imagines a baseline when they sign, it makes sense to have all my scans set up so that they are normalized to this line.

Thus the following scriptlet should work:

set logolog to "Server:Signatures:John-Jones_sig1.tif" as alias

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
	tell document 1
		set ax to object reference of selection -- the target text frame
		tell ax
			place logolog on ax with properties {fitting alignment:bottom left anchor}
		end tell --a
	end tell
end tell

Based on the dictionary, this should work because it seems to be used for an empty frame, which this is. However, the file is placed in the upper left. About the only modification the script makes is to turn the alignment anchor square to bottom left.

Trying to do this manually, setting that anchor to bottom left does no different. It still is placed upper left. I have attempted to preface the property with “fitting on empty frame:none,” thinking that would clear anything that was contaminating it, but no go.

It seems that this little thing is hard wired to place images in the upper left. What am I missing here?, sam

You aren’t initiating a fit. All your script is doing is placing an image (at the default coordinates, which are the leftmost/uppermost corners). If you want fitting to happen on place, the “fitting on empty frame” property should not be set to “none”. Try setting the frame fitting options, first, and then fit.