Indesign CS5 corner options


in indesign cs4 I have used this to round the corner and apply a specific radius to a rectangle

set corner option of page item 1 to rounded corner
set corner radius of page item 1 to 4.6999

this appears to no longer work in indesign cs5, what do I need to change to get this to
work please.


You should find that in ID CS5 you can add a different effect to ‘each’ corner so I would expect you to do the same via script?

I have applied this , which came from the Indesign CS5 Applescript guide
and works as expected, the question now is how do i apply a specific

tell myRectangle_2
convert shape given convert to rounded rectangle
end tell



thanks that helped me out

since it wasn’t posted about how to add the radius here is how you add radius

		tell myRectangle
			convert shape given convert to rounded rectangle corner radius 0.25
		end tell

cheers mcgrailm, appreciate it :smiley: