InDesign CS5 definition help

I am trying to modify the “make grid” script that ships with InDesign CS5

I don’t think these scripts were modified to address some changes. For example in this snippet of code, the items I have separated with quotes: “rectangle”, “oval”, “polygon”, text “frame”, line, “group”; are being treated as variables, whereas in CS4 and below they were not.

Can anybody lead me in the right direction of how I will be able to properly define the class types? But what I find is odd, is if I set a variable to a selected frame, the script editor returns “rectangle”, so why doesn’t the script accept rectangle in the list?

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5"
	set myPageItemTypes to {rectangle, oval, polygon, text frame, line, group}
end tell

I can’t understand what your problem is. As far as I can see, enumerations like rectangle, oval, etc behave as they did in previous versions.

Shane, is it possible that because I am using a 30 day trial downloaded from Adobe’s site that I may not have the full dictionary installed. I seem to be having difficulties compiling practically every script in some way or another?

That could well be the explanation.

Yep, that was the reason”installed the purchase suite today with no issues. I’ll leave this post in case somebody happens to hit upon the same issue.