Indesign CS5 export format FLA problem

Hi there,

I am trying to export a FLA out of Indesign CS5 by using AppleScript.
With the same script I am able to export a PDF/JPG/IDML or SWF file.

Here is the script I am using to export an swf-file:
export format SWF to myDocPath & myFileName & “:” & item myCounter of myExports & “.swf” without showing options

Here is the same script that is not working for an export as FLA:
export format FLA to myDocPath & myFileName & “:” & item myCounter of myExports & “.fla” without showing options

I guess that “FLA” is not the right identifier for a flash file. (for a IDML export I used “InDesign markup” as an identifier)

I there anybody who can help me with this problem?

AppleScript: 2.3.
Browser: Safari 533.19.4
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)


In order to export a document to “Flash CS5 Professional” format you might want to try:

set flafilepath to (path to desktop) & "test.fla" as text

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5"
	export document 1 format packaged XFL to flafilepath
end tell

There are also XFL export preferences to customize the export. Just drag the InDesign CS5 app icon onto the AppleScript editor to browse the dictionary.

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Thanks Martin,

that worked fine!

By the way, do you know if there is a list of all possible export formats an its names?
I tried to look it up in the indesign scripting guide, but they only cover a few of them.

Greets, Kai.


The AppleScript dictionary mentions the following formats:

“tagged text/PDF type/EPS type/RTF/text type/XML/JPG/interactive PDF/packaged XFL/SWF/InDesign snip…”

But the ellipsis at the end of the line might indicate that there are also more formats available.

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