InDesign CS6 script changes

I have a script, written for InDesign CS5.5, that whilst still working without giving errors in CS6, seems to mess up placement of items on master pages when applied to document pages.

For example, the frames containing the folios are correct on the masters, but appear shifted to the right by about half a page on the document pages.

I also get a caution when re-applying a master page in a document created with the script, saying that the page sizes differ “ even though the master page and document page sizes are identical.

Anyone having any similar issues with pre-CS 6 scripts?

Indesign does have a script feature for versioning have you tried change that short term? Should allow you to run previous versions of syntax.

I haven’t tried that: thank you, I’ll give it a go.

I think the issue is CS6’s new Master Page Overlay. I’ve checked this with the page tool, and the page is anchoring in the middle of a spread, but I’m hoping I can simply modify an existing bit of script, rather than have to target and transform the overlay.

I don’t have CS6 yet. Nor have I used this feature but it may get you around a sticky spot until you can fix it.

Yes “ worked a treat.

It was being used as an .app, but I simple moved it into the appropriate scripts fold and voila!

Master page overlay is definitely the issue: I’ll see if I can target the way the masters are applied and take it from there.

Many thanks again.

My mistake … the issue is still there.


Have you tried this exact same document, with the same code in CS5? I think the result would be the same; it sounds to me like there’s a custom page size in affect, an (evil) feature which, I think, was introduced in CS5. Obtaining the sizes of both master and document page might reveal a discrepancy, but it could be so fractional as to not display; you’ll likely need to reapply the offending masters to every associated page.

No, I haven’t opened the docs in CS5/5.5. I think you’re right though.

I have noticed that when the number of pages change, the master items go out-of-line again. I think there must be an option to specify how/where a master page overlays a page in CS6, and I think this will probably have to be specified at the beginning to prevent shifting occurring when adding or removing pages.

I’ll see what I can find in the dictionary. I’ve had a quick look and there’s an option to show master page overlay, so I’m hoping there’s an option the transform it!