InDesign export eps units of measurement?

Probably simple, but what are the units of measurement used by Applescript? I’m using this script below and the bleed needs to be 5mm, can anyone help?

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
	tell active document
		--Set your preferred export settings
		--set EPSpreferences to "[High Quality Print]"
		--Set up the path to the folder
		set EPSPath to choose folder with prompt "Choose a location to Export EPS..."
		--Make an EPS name from the document name
		set actDoc to name
		if actDoc ends with ".indd" then
			set strippedDoc to (characters 1 thru ((count every character of actDoc) - 5) of actDoc) as string
			set strippedDoc to actDoc
		end if
		set EPSName to (EPSPath as string) & strippedDoc & ".eps"
		--Export EPS
			tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
				set myFlattenerStyle to flattener preset "[High Resolution]"
				set properties of EPS export preferences to {bleed bottom:1, bleed inside:1, bleed outside:1, bleed top:1, data format:ASCII, PostScript level:level 2, applied flattener preset:myFlattenerStyle, ignore spread overrides:false, OPI image replacement:false, omit bitmaps:false, omit EPS:false, omit PDF:false, EPS color:CMYK, preview:TIFF preview, EPS spreads:false, font embedding:subset, image data:all image data, page range:"1"}
				export document actDoc format EPS type to EPSName showing options yes
			end tell
		on error
			beep 2
			display dialog "Error exporting EPS!"
		end try
	end tell
end tell

OK as usual I seem to find an answer as soon as I post a question, I added this to the beginning of the script and it’s all happy now.

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
	tell view preferences
		set horizontal measurement units to millimeters
		set vertical measurement units to millimeters
	end tell
end tell

As I recall the default is points. I don’t have it up and running to check but I believe that you can also declare the measure when setting the property, so “5mm” would be 5 millimeters regardless of the units set in the preferences.