InDesign filename from placed image

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum and sort of to Applescript as well. I’m working on an automation project that I think will be pretty easy, maybe you guys can help me on it. Here’s the breakdown: I’ll be receiving a bunch of images over the course of a day that will need to be rotated to portrait orientation, placed into an Indesign file, centered, and scale to fit proportionally. All that is pretty easy I think.

The hard part is the second half. I’ll have a second page in that file that I will need to paste the image filename that was placed on page one in a text box. I’ll also need to take that same filename and make it the InDesign filename and save the file.

Can someone shed a little light on the best way to do this?



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I’m assuming that you know what the name of the image is that you are importing as it is part of the file path that you importing correct ?

I’m guessing that there is only one image per doc so so just have your script create a text frame and set the story 1 of that box to the name of the file and save the file with that name… I hope that makes sense.

If you need help building that code just let me know… but give it shot I’d bet you can do it


There will be two images, but one will be static. I’ll give her a shot, but may call upon you :slight_smile: