InDesign Image Sizing

Hi All,

I’ve created a script to automatically place images from a folder onto pages in InDesign CS3. I’m looking for a way to specify the image size when the pics are placed on rectangle objects. I just want them at 100%, but haven’t found any info anywhere.

Here is the relative fragment of my code:

set thisPicFrame to (make rectangle of page pagenumber with properties {geometric bounds:myImageBounds})
				place item pagenumber of PicList on thisPicFrame
				--create pic box on current page, and place next image into it from dropped folder
				-- this is the MEAT of the whole script!
				if imageSizing is 0 then
					fit thisPicFrame given proportionally
					-- fit image to frame in proportion - all of image appears in pic box - THIS WORKS FINE

				else if imageSizing is 2 then
					fit thisPicFrame given fill proportionally
					-- size image just enough to fill all pic box - THIS WORKS FINE

				else if imageSizing is 1 then
					-- want to size image at exactly 100%
				end if

Thanks if you can help,


Model: MacPro
AppleScript: 2.0.1
Browser: Safari 525.20.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)


maybe I misunderstand your problem,
but if you place an image without any parameters, the size is 100%

That’s exactly what I thought, but doesn’t seem to be the case. For arguments sake, if I wanted to size pic on rectangle at 33%, any ideas how to do that?


Stefan is correct in that the default scaling is 100%, however, you probably have some hidden scaling preapplied to the frame, itself. Check that Fitting>Frame Fitting Options>Fitting on Empty Frame is set to none. If you want to set a percentage on place, then you can spec the scaling properties at the end of your place command.

…with properties {absolute horizontal scale:33, absolute vertical scale:33}

Thanks Marc,

You made my day!