InDesign .indb book file creation

How can I create an InDesign book file? I’ve tried the ‘make’ command, and get this error:

Adobe InDesign CS5.5 got an error: Missing required parameter ‘full name’ for method ‘make’.

I’ve tried many different ways, including adding a file name and a ‘to’ but all give an error. The .sdef implies that I can simply use the following:

make new book

… but, as I’m finding, it’s not that simple.

As in the UI, a book can’t exist without being saved somewhere. So you need something like:

make new book with properties {full name:bookPath}

Shane, that’s great thank you.

I tried something similar earlier, but I had omitted to include the full name. I’ve now got a script that constructs the full path based on user input and passes it to the new book command.

Thanks again.

… however, now I can’t figure out how to get a indesign document into the pub itself.

Again, I’ve tried a variety of things, checking the .sdef as I go to see if I can gleam anything from that, but no joy!

make book content at theBook with properties {full name:fileAlias}

Hi Shane.

I’ve tried that … I get an error saying “Adobe InDesign CS5.5 got an error: Can’t make class book content.” … more specifically, number -2710 from book content to class.

I don’t have 5.5, so I’m not sure what’s changed. Are you sure fileAlias is a valid alias to an InDesign document?

I checked, and the aliases are fine. However, I still got the error “ until I set the book to active book, instead of a specific file name/path: it works!

Here’s the code I used:

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"
	set fileAlias to ". full path to my file ..." as alias
	set theBook to active book
	make book content at theBook with properties {full name:fileAlias}
end tell

Thanks Shane: that’s quite literally saved my project.

Now I’ll put it in a subroutine so I can add the 16 other InDesign files to it!