Indesign"job specification" & "update mechanical" issues

I have been using something like below to update some info in my Indesign CC2018 documents
for a while, the scripts have been compiled for a while and work well.

I wanted to change the path (still local, my desktop) to the xml script, which is fine, the new script compiled ok yet when run I get the error

yet the scripts that were compiled previously still function fine…

The script dictionary shows “job specification” & “update mechanical” still exist’s for Indesign CC2018, so im confused as to why the below fails…

tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2018"
	set myXmlPath to "path to xml file:mechspec.xml"
	set job specification file to myXmlPath
	set myDocument to document 1
	tell myDocument to update mechanical
end tell

Adding to this, the script dictionary for Indesign CC 2019 does not have “job specification” & “update mechanical” at all, so I am wondering what the work around for this may be?

any ideas or suggestions please