Indesign Link to another page


I’m trying to create a script that assigns a link to a text frame which takes the user to another page within my indesign doc but really can’t get started on this one.

The nearest I can find is

tell pageItem
set hyperLinkUrl to destination URL of destination of theHyperLink
end tell

but this takes the user to an external URL. In essence I want something that essentially says

set link of pageItem to page 4 of myDocument

where pageItem would be the text frame and myDocument would be the active document.

Help much appreciated!



Hi. You may want to see the below thread. Change any destination specifier from ‘URL’ to ‘page’ and provide a page number prepended with a page specifier, as in [format]destination:make hyperlink page destination with properties {destination page:page 2}[/format]

Hi Marc,

Thanks this worked perfectly.