InDesign/Photoshop CS4 "item" not working in Leopard/Snow Leopard

Hi all,

I have a fairly lengthy script for InDesign CS4/Photoshop CS4 that works fine when i developed it on 10.4.11 but when trying to open it it Script Editor/AppleScript Editor in Leopard or Snow Leopard, it has a problem with instances of the word “item” and won’t compile.

Looks like many (or every?) time i have a line that is looking to

set [some variable] to item [some number] of [some list]

I get different error messages depending on the line. . .If i’m reading it right, It’s giving an error message that basically reports it thinks “item” is a command name instead of the start of an expression.

Would love any help!

The other day there was someone who posted a question with a similar problem. If the OS is the only thing that has changed you might want to trash your prefs for ID and Photoshop first and see if that helps.

Thanks for the post. I think i did read the other post you’ve mentioned. . unless I misread it or was looking at the wrong one. i didn’t see any direct solutions. . .(?)

Trashing prefs (and, running updater) did not help :frowning:

Hi Publishing Guy!

I have the same issue here.
Maybe the only difference:
On my machine it works when used inside a tell “Adobe InDesign CS2” Block, but it immediately stops compiling when telling CS4.

This seems more like a version issue to me?
Can you reproduce that on your side?

greetz, demski

Can you post the code? I have CS4 but I would need to put in in Script Editor and troubleshoot it.