InDesign: Print vs Export PDF; Applescripting InDesign book

I’m trying to create a PDF from an 8.5"x11" InDesign document with crop marks, document information - but set on a tabloid (11"x14") page. These PDFs need to be routed to appropriate folders.

Thanks to this group, I have been able to EXPORT PDFs and route them, but it doesn’t appear possible (from either within InDesign or Applescript) to change the page size independently of the document size through the export function or presets.

Also, I have not found info on how to PRINT PDFs to a location (as using the print function would allow me to use the Print Preset option and set the page size there).

Could someone point me in the correct direction as to which method I should be looking into?

I plan on ordering the AppleScripting InDesign (2005) book. Is this useful for the current version of InDesign?



Hi Ralph, I can see you have a real problem here and I can’t see an easy way around it. There doesn’t seem to be a way of changing the paper size on an export and if you specify a print preset that prints to a PostScript file then you’re gonna need some user intervention to specify the filename and destination folder. One option is to print to a virtual printer that you can select in your print preset that creates a pdf or PostScript in a folder. Once your file is complete if you’ve got a unique nameing convention then you you can move the files depending on there name. This link claims to be able to create a virtual printer:
Please let me know how you get on!

Im only just starting with indesign since my move to CS2. But I was able to do this very easily by using a bleed & slug area.

That’s brilliant. Just tried it and indeed, it works. The answer was right in front of my eyes the whole time.


I am not certain but I think you can set the paper size of a printer style I’ll have to look into it… I know I use a printer style to make PS files and I can set the file name an path to the printer style before I print it and as far as the page size I just set to automatic…

I’ll look at my code again and see though…

whats a slug area ?


The export function ignores the page size, but if you build out the bleeds in the export function, as Mark67 pointed out, it effectively increases the outputted pdf size.

i’m not sure what else a slug area is called in th U.S. but in the U.K. its the area where you can put a Strapline or an info box,
you know the type usually contains colors, company logo, sign off boxes etc… etc…

i think indesign just gives you a whole load more bleed in that area. to cover the size of it.


thanks for the info