Indesign table formatting

Hello there,
i’m using indesign 2.0.
I’d like to automatically format table.
I’ve no problem to set the title style or content style, but i can’t figure how to have an alternate filling tint of my rows.
I’m stucked.
If someone could give some advice i would be really grateful.

Heres my code

tell application "InDesign 2.0.1"
	set myDoc to active document
	tell myDoc
		set Blue20 to color "Blue20"
		set BlueColor to color "Blue"
		set tabligne to paragraph style "tabligne"
		set styletitre to paragraph style "tabtitre"
		set mySelection to item 1 of selection
		set NumberOfColumns to count column of mySelection
		set NumberOfrows to count row of mySelection
		-- Styles 
		set applied paragraph style of parent story of row 1 of mySelection to styletitre
		set row2ThruMinus1 to rows 2 thru -1 of mySelection
		repeat with aRow in row2ThruMinus1
			set applied paragraph style of parent story of aRow to tabligneCenter
		end repeat
		-- Stroke 
		set properties of mySelection to {fill color:blue ¬
			, inner column stroke weight:0.0, inner row stroke weight:0.0, top edge stroke weight:0.0, bottom edge stroke weight:0.0, left edge stroke weight:0, right edge stroke weight:0}
		set properties of mySelection to {inner column stroke color:BlueColor, inner row stroke color:BlueColor ¬
			, left edge stroke color:color BlueColor, right edge stroke color:color BlueColor ¬
			, bottom edge stroke color:BlueColor, top edge stroke color:BlueColor}
		-- Height, inset 
		set properties of mySelection to {height:2.8, vertical justification:center, left inset:0, right inset:0, top inset:0, bottom inset:0}
		-- Width, inset 
		set properties of ((columns 1 thru -1) of mySelection) to {width:(85 / NumberOfColumns)}
	end tell
end tell