InDesign text frame overflow

I’m currently working with an applescript that imports xtags files into InDesign CS2. Usually, when I import other kinds of documents, I use the place function and sets autoflowing to be true. If autoflowing is true, new text frames are created until all text is placed in the document.

The problem occurs when I import Xtags, and have to use another function (Get text with Xtags from …). Here autoflowing is not supported, and all text is placed in a single text frame.

Is there a way to “extract” this text, so that the overflowed text frame becomes multiple non-overflowed text frames?

tell document 1
		tell page 1
			set myTextFrame to make new text frame
			set geometric bounds of myTextFrame to {0.0, 0.0, 210.0, 148.0}
			select myTextFrame
		end tell
		get text with Xtags from myBookFile
		return properties of selection
end tell

eivindan - I think I can help you out with this - but I’m unclear by what you mean when you say “extracting the text” can you clarify?