Indesign/Workflow script help needed

Hi All,

Please excuse the long and probably confusing cry for help… I am a newbie and know that applescript can do all this, but need your help to make it happen.

Say I have a main folder that contains a master Indesign document, a Word file that the master Indesign doc is linked to for text, 2 or 3 other Indesign documents that are based on the master, with the text coming from that Word file as well, a subfolder called “Old Versions” and another subfolder called “PDF’s”.

Since all the indesign documents get their text from that Word file (it is linked text), if I make a change to that Word file, I can open the indesign doc and “UPdate Link” and it will automatically update the text.

What I need- A script that will open all the Indesign documents, update all links, do a save as for each document so the name of the file stays the same but the end of the filename gets a "v2, v3, v4, etc), create a pdf of that new file, close Indesign, move the previous Indesign versions to the “Old Versions” folder and move the PDF to the “PDF’s” folder. Not sure if all of this is possible… perhaps the moving of the versions is too difficult or confusing… if thats the case, dont need that. But the automation of the updating links and creating of the new versions and creating of the PDF is what I’m looking for.

Any help is MUUUUUCH appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.