Indicate script (run from AppleScript menu) is running

Hi all,

As we all know, when running an AppleScript script from the AppleScript menu bar icon, there is no indication that the script is running or when it completes. On the other hand, a script saved as an “Application” has an icon in the Dock until it completes. Also, applications like iTunes indicate a script from its menu is running by inverting the colors on its script menu icon until the script completes; however, the AppleScript menu does not seem to provide any indication like this.

Since I could not find anything obvious to address this when searching the forums, I came up with a simple solution that may or may not have been mentioned here:

  1. Save an empty AppleScript script named something like “AppleScript Is” as an “Application Bundle” with “Stay Open” set to ON and “Startup Screen” set to OFF

  2. From your main AppleScript script (saved as “Script”) to be run from the AppleScript menu, place the following before your main logic:

tell application definePathHere & "AppleScript Is" to run
  1. Place the following after your main logic:
tell application definePathHere & "AppleScript Is" to quit

An item named “AppleScript Is Running” will remain in the dock until your script logic is complete.