information window

Hi !
I would like to inform the user that a task (downloading) is performing in my script.
I will not use a progress bar as this will require AppleScriptStudio or Appearance OSAX.
I do not want to get into AppleScriptStudio and you have to pay for Appearance OSAX (the software will be distributed freely).

So I thought I will just display a window saying “Downloading…” and when the download is finished just close this window. How do you do this ?
If I use display dialog the user has to click on buttons and I don’t want that. It must not stop the flow of the applescript too.

Part of my script
if («event JonsgKey») = {“u”} then do shell script "cd " & app_folder_dir & "; " & ¬
“export CVS_RSH=ssh;” & “export;” & ¬
“cvs -z3 co app;”

My script uses the Jon’s commander AS addition as answered here:
That is if you press on keyboard “u” it will do these commands.

Thanks in advance

Jonathan Nathan created a script that may help you. It’s called “Pseudo Progress Bar” ,it’s in our “Code Exchange” section at…

Jon has a lot of other fine AppleScripts and AppleScript Studio projects at his web site. Check 'em out at…

Thanks for your answer.
The problem with the pseudo progress bar is that is is “pseudo”…
My process of downloading will vary between users, that’s why I want something more precise. Isn’t there a way to display a window without any buttons (that don’t interrupt the flow of the script) saying “downloading” ?
When the download will be finished, the computer will go to the next applescript command that will tell to close this “downloading” window.
It seems to be pretty easy but don’t know what command to use…

Any help ?