Initializing primary hard drive in lab environment

I am looking for a way to initialize the primary hard drive of lab machines.
I have so far a cd that boots with OS 10.3, and already have a way to mount the shared folder where the image is stored. But I would like to format the drive to make sure all the names are the same. The only problem is that some of the hard drives will be coming from other machines which might be either macintosh or windows machines.

If anyone has any thoughts, they would be helpful. Thanks.

I have not used it, but this looks like it might be what you want: NetRestore, and they have a fairly active forum discussing it.

It is true that Netrestore is a good program for this kind of application, which is the reason why I am using it. The problem is that Netrestore requires all hard drives to be named the same, or to be the first drive available. Unfortunatly with the way the boot disk is made, the hard drive is not the one that comes up first. The other issue to contend with is that the boot disk loads two ram disks to assist with loading the OS. So, I would like to way to use either disk utility or a diskutil shell script to format/initialize any disk that is not these two ram disks. Also, some of the drives will be from windows machines, and will not be recognized unless initialized first.

Thank you for your suggestion, but I am thinking that it might not be as easy as just using Netrestore unfortunatly.