InkWell additions

Just wondering whether anyone has any idea of how to script the InkWell software in OSX? Does anyone even use it? I can’t find any scripting information and there doesn’t seem to be any forums dedicated to it either. So here goes. Any help with any of the following would be appreciated.

  • Is it possible to exclude non-letter entries from the possible entry set? (my students always bring up a 6 in place of a capital G and a zero instead of an O)
  • Is it possible to script it to have it only accept capitals or lower case? (writing practise)
    -Is it possible to have some sort of flag that would let an ASStudio program know that the last entry was from InkWell and not from the keyboard?
    -Is it possible to have a KeyEvent added on so that when the text is inserted from InkWell an automatic return follows it? (I tried putting the appropriate handlers on my text field, but I use it for other things as well and I’d rather be able to adjust InkWell directly)
    -Is it possible to have InkWell tell you that it has given back an error instead of a valid character? (Kids can sometimes touch several places in a row on one yellow sheet and it creates havic with my program)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s a great piece of software, I just wish it was more easily customized. Perhaps through apple script (I can’t find its’ dictionary) or Objective-C?

Thanks in advance and I appreciate your time and patience. :wink:

Thank you very much. That’s exactly what I needed.

I love this list and I love the quick and helpful feedback everyone is able to enjoy. You are all great.