Insert lines in Microsoft Word/TextEdit

10.2.8 applescript 1.9

Hello all,

I am trying to write some code to open an existing microsoft word or TextEdit comma delimited text file document and then insert 6 blank lines at the beginning of the document.

Can anyone help me out with this seemingly simple task? Also, does anyone know of a reference that includes pertinent editing commands for applescript in MS word, what about TextEdit? Would the task above be simpler if done in TextEdit? What might that code look like?

Thanks a bunch for the pointers!

As covered countless times on this board, you don’t need to use an external app to read/write to a file:


[This script was automatically tagged for color coded syntax by Convert Script to Markup Code]


Thanks a bunch for the reply, this will help me a great deal!

sorry to all for my ignorance related to using applescript to “control” other applications.